Do you want to give your employees the freedom to work from anywhere, but aren’t sure where to start in terms of securing company data on their personal devices? Check out this article to learn more about how to protect your company data across all devices.

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Office collaboration is quickly moving away from bulk emails to multimedia-rich, chat-based communication. But what’s causing this change? Read this article to learn about the 5 major trends that are shaping the future of today’s #ModernWorkplace, then contact Constellation Solutions to get started with digital collaboration.

Although Garner Foods is based in South Carolina, they sell their products all over the world. With digital tools, their projects are easily managed remotely, and team members can work from anywhere.

With help from Microsoft Business, Garner Foods remains a fourth-generation family business while becoming a world-class operation in terms of IT infrastructure. And with enterprise-grade #security across all company- and employee-owned devices, company information is always secure.

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There are many approaches to digitally transforming public services, but there are 4 main characteristics that make up a reputable digital partner. Read this infographic to learn why #Microsoft has become the provider of choice when implementing public #DigitalTransformation, then contact Constellation Solutions to get started with Microsoft for Government.

Transitioning to new collaboration software without disrupting day-to-day operations is quite a challenge for any business. However, thanks to #MicrosoftTeams, it can be done by following these 7 time-tested steps. Read this infographic to learn more, then follow Constellation Solutions to get started with your #ModernWorkplace.

#DigitalTransformation has enabled a renaissance within the #PublicSector, one that drives efficient, accessible services and is building trust between people and their local governments. To learn more about how you can drive a more efficient organization, follow Constellation Solutions.