The process of defining your offer and its value proposition is a critical piece of your business strategy. At Constellation Solutions we want to help you define, specifically, what you will sell and why customers will want to buy it. That’s why we have come up with this Data Platform & Analytics playbook. It’s intended for new and existing Microsoft partners that are adding a new practice to their business. In it, we will cover the four cloud business models (reselling, project services, managed services, and intellectual property), their respective profitability, how you can assess the profitability of your own practice, and much more.

Power BI is a cloud-based business analytics service that gives you a single view of your most critical business data. Monitor the health of your business using a live, easy-to-use dashboard, create rich interactive reports with Power BI Desktop and access your data from anywhere with native Power BI mobile apps.

With Power BI, combine data from multiple sources and create rich analytic reports that bring your data to life. With Azure, you can integrate and manage your business intelligence securely–providing a feature-heavy, performance-ready BI platform.

As your company embraces the opportunities presented by cloud and mobile computing, you take on new risks. At Constellation Solutions we understand that one of the biggest challenges in digital transformation is ensuring security, privacy, and compliance. By developing a security practice, you can help turn the potentially dizzying array of services into a cohesive and understandable security solution that enables you to manage your security and protect your assets. In this playbook, you will find resources to help you protect against, detect, and respond to breaches with a comprehensive security practice.

Data integrity is everything. That’s why #Azure delivers unified security management and advanced threat protection across your customers’ hybrid-cloud workloads. You can understand their security state, find vulnerabilities, and remediate them quickly. The Azure Security Center gives you options to limit your customers’ exposure to threats. Advanced analytics let you detect and respond swiftly to attacks. So you can give your customers that most precious of benefits: peace of mind, knowing their data is secure in the cloud.

As you increase your mobility and cloud footprint, ensuring your people and customers remain secure from any location can be a challenge. Of course, there is no single answer, but there are steps that can be taken. That’s why at Constellation Solutions we’re committed to helping you maximize your security by offering resources on getting the most out of your mobile device management (MDM) solutions, biometric security, and modern business devices that have been built expressly for mobile workers. In this paper, we’ll consider why blending on-site security with MDM will give you a more flexible and scalable way to secure your mobile devices, data, and user identities.

With the Surface family, it has never been easier or more enjoyable to sync with teams, meet deadlines, and keep projects on track. The Surface family provides an improved delivery medium of the already powerful and responsive software and tools you expect from Microsoft.

Now, your organization can have everything they need right at their fingertips for day-to-day use.

As our customers’ needs evolve from small teams into large enterprises, the need for new capabilities continues to evolve with them. Enterprises that adopt Power BI demand larger scale, increased performance, complete governance and control, and the ability to deploy reports and dashboards to a very large number of employees in a cost-effective way. Power BI Premium is designed from the ground up to address the challenges of large enterprise deployments and demanding workloads. This white paper reviews the basics of Power BI Premium, its vision, its capabilities, its road map, and its various usage scenarios.

Is your customers’ data working hard enough? It’s full of valuable insights, if you know how to unlock them. That’s where #Office365 comes in. It features Power BI, a suite of business-analytics tools that deliver insights throughout your customers’ organizations. Using Power BI, they can connect to hundreds of data sources, simplify data prep, and drive ad hoc analysis. Power BI even sends them alerts when data changes and lets users drill down for more details. Give your customers a winning edge by helping them squeeze more meaning out of their data.

Microsoft Azure facilitates understanding with the help of advanced insights provided by Power BI. Constellation Solutions knows how greater capabilities enable greater things.

With Azure, you get access to Power BI, a suite of business analytics tools that deliver insights, produce reports, and drive analysis. Not only do you get the power of cloud-based computing, you get the safety and security that will give you peace of mind.

Constellation Solutions can help your business achieve the advantages of Azure as well. Contact us to find out how.