At Constellation Solutions, we know that shifting to the cloud is a large undertaking. But with the right tools, your organization can make the journey as seamless as possible. Carlsberg Group used Azure to merge their 140-brewery empire.

Carlsberg Group is one of the leading brewing companies worldwide, distributing beer across 150 markets. To get a fuller view of their customers, they use Azure. With more than 100 services and great end-to-end tools, you can use Azure to make your business successful just like Carlsberg.

We want to help you enhance your business with the cloud. Contact us to find out how cloud computing can turn your information into insight.

Communication is key to success. Office 365 enables you to connect your employees better than ever with tools designed to maximize efficiency and foster collaboration. Office 365 allows you to unlock the potential and innovation of your employees and to turn it into a comprehensive strategy designed to streamline your processes and benefit execution. Simpler is better when striving for speed, and Office 365 is geared toward faster and more efficient means of communication.

[$profile.organization] can help you turn inspiration into execution with the help of Microsoft Office 365. Contact us to find out how.

At Constellation Solutions, we know that collaboration is key when it comes to fostering creativity within your organization. If your employees don’t feel heard, they won’t express their unique ideas that make them so valuable to your organization. Having the right tech to support creativity is just as important.

Office 365 is designed to promote creativity in the workplace. From Designer in PowerPoint to Ink Editor in Word, you have access to Office 365 features that can help you create in powerful new ways.

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At Constellation Solutions, we know communication is an important part of making your business run smoothly. That’s why we work to fill any gaps in your business communication infrastructure, so your team can get the job done.

Microsoft Surface with Office 365 is empowering the California School for the Deaf to communicate more efficiently. By utilizing Surface to disseminate their playbook, players know how they can win big. Microsoft Surface isn’t just for high school athletes, businesses can employ Surface to empower their organization.

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Unlike in the past, going serverless has become a real option for businesses these days. At Constellation Solutions, we know making that transition can be difficult, and it can help to know more about the benefits of going serverless before you undertake the process.

A recent study found that roughly 37% of businesses already use serverless technology to some degree: 14% were already using it in production, 11% were testing it out, and the remaining 12% were in the exploration phase. That’s a lot of businesses opting for Function as a Service (FaaS) solutions.

Our goal is to help you integrate the latest and greatest in serverless tech so you can realize the amazing cost savings to your organization. Contact us to find out how we can help.

As your organization grows, it becomes harder and harder to keep track of who has access to your data. At Constellation Solutions, we understand. That’s why we bring you access management solutions that will help you secure your data.

With Azure Active Directory, you can review reports and audit user activity in your system, manage identity and access for users and administrators, and simplify single sign-on by using one identity to access any app. That means your sensitive data is protected.

We want to help you integrate the security of Azure Active Directory into your organization. Check out this infographic and contact us for more information.

At Constellation Solutions, we know that there are a lot of questions about the cloud and they usually begin with, “How do we start?” Now there’s a new question: “How can I use cloud computing to become a true partner to the business?”

That’s why we’ve put together this book based on real-world experiences in the cloud by enterprise IT. It answers many of the questions organizations have about making the transition.

We make sure you have the information you need to shift to the cloud and enhance your enterprise. Contact us to find out how we can help you with your evolution to the cloud.