Modern SharePoint list columns can be customized using a simple rendering template built with a JSON syntax.  This is the successor of using conditional formatting in SharePoint Designer.  When using column formatting, you can replace the default style for how a column is rendered with your own rendering logic.  In this article we demonstrate a [...]
Office 365 Group Anatomy
Office 365 provides many services for work teams to communicate and to collaborate together.  It can sometimes be difficult to know what to use when.  For example, to communicate with a work group, do you create a distribution list, shared mailbox, or an Office 365 Group?  It all depends on how each team will work [...]
Building SharePoint Framework React Fabric
SharePoint development is changing.  We are transitioning from writing full-trust C# solutions to using the modern web stack development. The material referenced here will walk you through building client side web parts with the SharePoint Framework using React and the Office UI Fabric. This presentation teaches you how to build client-side web parts using the [...]
Enter Your Password

It is common for team members to all login with a single account for some web applications.  For example, we have a couple of individuals who log into the company Twitter and Instagram accounts to post regular updates.  However, only one of these people actually knows the password.  To do this we are using features […]

Mobile Security

Action required to access your organization’s email on you mobile device If you get this notification message on your phone, you may be required to take additional steps in order to access company data. Current tablet and cell phone technologies have made it convenient for company employees to access and work on projects while away […]

Modern Document Libraries Features - Numbered
You may have noticed that SharePoint Online has changed a lot recently.  The modern SharePoint document library has a lot of great new features that make it even better than before. Search - SharePoint comes with a best-in-class search engine.  You can find a document by searching for a word contained within the document or properties [...]
Send email attachments to SharePoint Online
Sometimes it makes a lot of sense to send a document as an email attachment and have it saved to a SharePoint document library.  A common scenario is emailing a scanned document from a network copier to a SharePoint document library.  For those using SharePoint on-premises there is the incoming email service that can establish an email-enabled [...]