The new start menu available in Windows 10 gives many layout options. This post will focus on how you can make the Windows 10 start menu tile groups wider. In Windows 10, you can group tiles (icons) into logical sets of related items.  Each group can then be positioned where you want it to display on the start menu. If you are unfamiliar with groups for the Windows 10 start menu, you can find out more info here.

By default, each group has a width that will let you put 6 small tiles side-by-side or 3 medium tiles side-by-side.

Start menu with default icon width

Windows 10 will allow you to increase the width of the start menu tile groups.  The width can be increased by an extra 2 small tiles or a single medium tile.

four tile photo

The setting which allows this change can be found in  Settings  under Personalization and Start.  When you turn on the Show more tiles option each group will now be 8 small tiles, or 4 medium tiles, or 2 large tiles wide.  This will allow for even more Start Menu layout options.

more tiles on


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