Hyperfish - Complete Your Directory

We are happy to announce that we have partnered with Hyperfish (recently acquired by LiveTiles). Our new Hyperfish partnership promotes complete and accurate user profiles across Active Directory and Office 365.  The Hyperfish service eases the burden of getting user profiles and directory data populated with complete information and keeping it updated with relevant information. Complete user profiles can greatly improve the Office 365 experience when providing employee directories, workflow escalations, skills search, dynamic groups, and to promote a general sense of community.  The service can automatically identify missing and incorrect Active Directory information and automatically engage the user, managers, and other appropriate resources through email and instant messaging clients to quickly obtain the correct information.  Advanced scenarios for Hyperfish can integrate with other HRIS systems and databases to synchronize profile values from other systems of record.

Starting in February 2018, Hyperfish Light will become a standard offering for our monthly-subscription managed services customers. Hyperfish Lite is a free product from Hyperfish that promotes everyone in the organization to have a user profile photo associated with their account.  Our customers wanting to keep Active Directory and Office 365 User Profiles complete and up-to-date will have the option to integrate the full version of Hyperfish into their environment.

More About Hyperfish Lite

Profile photos are everywhere in Office 365, but most organizations struggle to get employees to upload their pictures. Without profile photos, Office 365 looks unfinished, leading to:

  • User dissatisfaction
  • Increased support overhead
  • Poor adoption

Hyperfish provides a revolutionary way to ensure directory and profile information is always complete and up-to-date


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