@TGIFridays is a rapidly-growing restaurant franchise in the UK, and to support its ambitious growth, the franchise is consolidating business operations starting with financial management on #Microsoft Dynamics 365. Check out the processes and benefits of their innovative strategy in this video!

As AI becomes increasingly embedded in society, it will not only change the businesses that adopt it — it will also have significant economic, social, and civic effects on citizens and consumers.

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Your team relies on #Microsoft365 to be more productive, creative, and efficient. But are you getting the most from your experience? #Microsoft 365 users make faster decisions using a Microsoft #Surface device, according to @Forrester. Check out this infographic and contact Constellation Solutions to learn more.

[email protected], knows your team can only be productive when data, devices, and information remain safe. That’s why they built the #Surface device family to be so secure that they’re approved for classified use by the US Department of Defense. Find out how the #Microsoft builds security into every aspect of the #Surface family of devices. Watch this video and contact Constellation Solutions to learn more.