For HP Inc., customer service is a huge priority. #Microsoft analytics and #AI allow them to better serve customers, answering common questions with virtual agents and providing support staff with a wealth of troubleshooting information. Learn more about AI solutions at #HPInc with this video and contact Constellation Solutions to find out more.

After testing four different tablets in their schools, the Tustin Unified School District found #Microsoft Surface Pro to be the best choice for their high school teachers and students. Watch this video to see how #Surface was able to increase productivity across the board and empower students with different accessibility needs and learning styles. Contact Constellation Solutions to learn more.

This playbook highlights the various ways Microsoft Analytics and AI can help your customer’s business. It briefly and visually covers the process Analytics and AI follow to produce insights and action. The playbook also lists various practical ways Analytics and AI can be applied in a business context, such as intelligent customer service. View: Partner […]

The Blue Springs School District in Kansas City, Missouri wanted a cost-effective way to bring technology into the classroom. When they put a #Microsoft #Surface Book 2 in the hands of every teacher and student, the educational experience improved at school and at home. Check out this article and contact Constellation Solutions to learn more about how Microsoft is transforming learning.