Office 365 Group Anatomy
Office 365 provides many services for work teams to communicate and to collaborate together.  It can sometimes be difficult to know what to use when.  For example, to communicate with a work group, do you create a distribution list, shared mailbox, or an Office 365 Group?  It all depends on how each team will work [...]
Enter Your Password

It is common for team members to all login with a single account for some web applications.  For example, we have a couple of individuals who log into the company Twitter and Instagram accounts to post regular updates.  However, only one of these people actually knows the password.  To do this we are using features […]

Did you know that you can easily install Microsoft Office on both your work and home computers? A simple 1-click installer will configure the full version of Microsoft Office on up to 5 Windows PCs and Apple Macintosh computers.  This includes your home computer, allowing you to edit work files anytime (if allowed by your […]

SharePoint Anniversaries and Birthdays
Intranets commonly display employee birthdays and anniversaries in SharePoint. I have seen this implemented in a number of different ways on SharePoint Intranets, but the most common ways are through a manually maintained list or directly editing the home page itself. The problem with these solutions is the manual intervention that it takes each month [...]