Building SharePoint Framework React Fabric

SharePoint development is changing.  We are transitioning from writing full-trust C# solutions to using the modern web stack development. The material referenced here will walk you through building client side web parts with the SharePoint Framework using React and the Office UI Fabric.

This presentation teaches you how to build client-side web parts using the SharePoint Framework.  The presentation is meant to be an easy to digest walk-through and to be used as a reference that will get developers up to speed on modern web development techniques.

This information was first presented to the Austin Office 365 and SharePoint User Group at the November 2016 monthly meeting. At the meeting, we were fortunate to have record a video of the session.


Presentation Materials


PowerPoint Slide Deck

You can view the PowerPoint slide deck for this presentation online here:

Web Part Code

You can find the complete solution demonstrated in the slide deck and video on Github. In the code you will find additional tips that were not demonstrated in the slide deck presentation, including how to add a drop-down to the web part properties pane to select a list from the current SharePoint site.

spfx-promoted-links Github


Video Presentation

We were fortunate to have record the session while being presented to the user group. You can watch the full video recording online here:


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