Mobile Security

wp_ss_20161014_0002Action required to access your organization’s email on you mobile device

If you get this notification message on your phone, you may be required to take additional steps in order to access company data.

Current tablet and cell phone technologies have made it convenient for company employees to access and work on projects while away from the office.  When you own the mobile device that is trying to access company resources it is often referred to as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). Those technologies allow employees to have access to sensitive information on devices that travel beyond the company’s physical boundaries.  This has spurred some companies to adopt Mobile Device Management services (MDM) in order to safeguard, and secure company information. If your company has implemented Mobile Device Management for Office 365, you may be required to enroll your device(s) before you are granted access to company data.

Since you are allowed to have company information on your device, you may be required to take a few steps to protect that information if your device is lost or stolen. Depending on the settings in which your company requires, you may be required to configure a lock screen password or pin, encrypt your device, and allow the ability to remotely wipe data from your phone.  Even if your company does not enforce any of these policies, you must acknowledge and accept these terms before you can continue.

The process of registering a device is a fairly easy process to complete.  You must first install the Microsoft Intune Company Portal app when registering a device. It will guide you through the steps in an easy wizard style process. Completion of a device’s enrollment will allow a user to access Office 365 email and documents through Exchange Online and SharePoint Online.

You can find detailed instructions for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone at


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