Modern Document Libraries Features - Numbered

You may have noticed that SharePoint Online has changed a lot recently.  The modern SharePoint document library has a lot of great new features that make it even better than before.

  1. Search – SharePoint comes with a best-in-class search engine.  You can find a document by searching for a word contained within the document or properties about the document.
  2. Navigation – The left-hand navigation pane can show you the various document libraries that are located in the current SharePoint site or link to just about anything with a URL.
  3. Command Bar – Take actions on the currently selected item(s).
  4. Folder Breadcrumb – Easily navigate the folders of your document library and quickly jump back up to any parent folder.
  5. Pin Documents – You can pin the most important documents to the top so that they are always easily to find.
  6. Documents – Your documents can be displayed using the classic list view or using preview tiles making it even easier to locate the document you need.
  7. Drag-and-Drop – Easily move documents to SharePoint using convenient drag-and-drop capabilities.
  8. Document Preview – No matter if  you are working in list view or tiles view, you can see a preview of the document without having to open it first.
  9. Metadata Properties – Viewing and editing metadata has never been easier. Click on any property and edit it right in the Properties panel.
  10. Activity, Sharing, and File Info – Easily see activity related to items, who has access, and other file information.

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