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SharePoint Server on-premises requires in-depth knowledge and expertise. Many organizations find it difficult to find and retain employees with the skills required to administer their SharePoint environments.  It can be even more difficult to properly implement business portals without having the right team in-place to craft the solution.  Give the level of service expected by your users when you partner with Constellation Solutions SharePoint Managed Services.  Not only will you get the peace-of-mind that your environment will perform as expected, but you’ll get expert advice and solutions when you need it.

We offer two base plans for you to choose from.  The Basic plan offers the essential services that are needed to keep your SharePoint environment running smoothly.  The Advanced plan is for organizations that are looking for a strategic partner to ensure they get the most from their SharePoint investment.  Each plan includes a set of standard services that are always performed in-addition to the number of monthly hours included with the plan.  A summary of the tasks provided with each plan provides are listed below:

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Standard Services Always Provided by SharePoint On-Premises Plans

The services listed in this table are provided in-addition to the number of reserve (ad-hoc) hours selected with your plan.

Basic Advanced
Regular Server/Platform Configuration Review & Health Check
Routine Administrative Farm and Service Management
Customer Portal Login to Access Documents and Support Tickets
Apply Cumulative Updates 2x / Year
Discounted Hourly Rate On Service Hours
Strategic, Advisory, and Planning Services
SharePoint Governance Service
Dedicated Technical Accounts Manager
Additional Discounted Hourly Rate On Service Hours

Monthly Reserve Hours

The above standard services are always provided according to the selected plan, regardless of the number of reserve hours selected below.  You get a set number of hours that we spend helping you to complete your goals each month.  The amount of hours that you reserve depends on what you want to achieve, how quickly, and your budget. You may select as little as 10 hours per month.  In any given month you can easily add more hours to complete your goals.  You decide how the hours are used.  You can mix and match hours for help desk support, customization & development needs, administration tasks, solution design, migrations, and many other activities.

Get started by selecting either the Basic or Advanced plan and how many hours per month you want to reserve for customization, management, and other tasks. Reserve hours are available in the following blocks:

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