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For many organizations, migrating email, documents, and team collaboration sites to the cloud (Office 365) will be one of the most visible and important projects this year.  When done well, the entire organization will get a productivity boost.  The services included with Office 365 can enable more efficient business processes, knowledge sharing, team collaboration, compliance, organizational awareness, and a lower overall TCO (total cost of ownership) for ITIt is critical to get it right! If not done properly, you could face downtime, service disruptions, or even data loss.

Office 365 is more than just the Office applications you use every day.  It is a suite of cloud-based productivity services, many of which may already be running on your old, out-of-date servers.  Moving these services to the cloud will reduce the hardware dependence, licensing complexity, patching and upgrading cycles, and overall maintenance that can burden IT departments.  With cloud technology, IT can focus on being a strategic partner with business units and positioned to focus on value-added services for the organization.

Constellation Solutions helps organizations move to Office 365.  There are many services offered under the Office 365 brand.  As powerful as they are, many of these services need a high level of customization before they are ready to be used.  We provide the customization so you can focus on your business.

Plan Your Migration & Adoption

  • Basic platform education – Get to know what you don’t know, so you can make informed decisions.
  • Company computers – Make sure workstations are ready and properly configured.
  • Employee owned devices – Strategies for managing company-owned data on employee personal devices.
  • User authentication & security – Determine the best login authentication, security, and audit policies for your company.
  • Active Directory Structure – Providing the right data can greatly enhance content discoverability, employee directories, and workflow processes.
  • Services and Settings – Make sure the various service workloads are configured for your organization.
  • Adoption Roadmap – Establish a strategy and vision that moves at a pace employees can handle.
  • Subscription licensing – Ensure that employees have licenses for what they need and don’t overpay for services that are not used.

Assessment & Remediation

  • Early identification – Find problem areas quickly so they don’t slow things down later.
  • Information standards – We will help you to document or create company information and governance standards.
  • Bandwidth assessment – Feel confident that your Internet connection is able to handle the load.

Configure the Environment

  • Account registration – We will assist you in the account creation process so that you get it right – some things can’t be changed.
  • DNS domain integration – Ensure that the required DNS records are created so email is delivered properly.
  • Tenant and service configuration – We will configure the Office 365 tenant according to best-practices and outcomes from planning topics.
  • Subscription Licenses – Obtain and apply the right licenses for users.
  • Company branding – Apply your company style and design where applicable.
  • SPAM protection – Policies to prevent unwanted SPAM and malware while allowing the people you email to trust the messages you send.
  • Compliance policies – Ensure you adhere to applicable data policies and can audit the results.


  • Migrate your email – We will move your mailbox data and work with you to re-configure your employee’s Outlook and other email clients.
  • Mapped Drives & File Shares – Move Windows-style mapped drives and files shares to a modern, mobile-friendly, web-based document share.
  • SharePoint Sites – We can help you plan your SharePoint strategy in the cloud or hybrid deployment.
  • Software deployment – Put the right Office software on user workstations and other devices.
  • Team & Project Workspaces – Help work teams achieve more using workspace templates.

Adoption & Training

  • Awareness – Keep employees informed about the road ahead.
  • Assistance – We will support you through the transition.
  • Training – Sessions and resources that will empower employees to be more productive.

With the vast and constantly increasing services offered under the Office 365 umbrella it is sometimes difficult to know where to start.  Constellation Solutions is here to guide you through all of the steps needed to achieve a successful migration to Office 365. Working with our team will help to ensure that your new cloud services are configured and work as expected.  Our Office 365 Onboarding Guidance is designed to ensure your existing infrastructure and computing devices are optimized, updated, and integrated with the vast array of workloads offered by Office 365.  With our assistance, feel confident that user’s workstations are properly configured with the right tools and that users can get going quickly with confidence.


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Once migration is complete and your employees have been trained, we can help you to do amazing things.  Our SharePoint Consulting and Customization Services can help you to create innovative business portals or automate your business processes.  For ongoing management or customization assistance or if you just need a partner to lean on for your day-to-day support needs, we offer a flexible set of Managed Services that will fit any operational budget.