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SharePoint is a powerful platform for business, but not everything is included out of the box. We can assist you in creating custom business applications that fit your unique needs. Rely on our 12 years of SharePoint consulting experience to build your business solutions on the SharePoint platform.

We are here to help you get things done

At Constellation Solutions we pride ourselves on delivering expertly crafted solutions for our customers.  We believe that using technology does not have to be complex, and should be easy to use.  Our goal is to provide customizations that are both easy and intuitive for those that use them every day.  It starts with understanding the needs and desires of your user community. We partner with you to develop a solution that fits both your needs and your budget.  Our project teams works in short sprints and review cycles to ensure we are providing what you expect.  Overall, we strive to provide quality solutions that enable your company to boost its productivity.

Turn your vision into a reality

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Do you have a desire to help users complete their tasks efficiently and with accuracy?  Maybe you’ve been thinking about a way to use technology to streamline a business process.  Even when you don’t know where to start, or if you don’t have enough time to do it yourself, we can help you get it done.

We aim to provide you with a rewarding experience by helping you to improve the work-lives of those around you through the proper use of technology.

Unlike many consulting services, our duties are not complete when the application is done.   We we will help you to energize and educate users through the adoption phase.

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Customization Examples


  • Primary location for engaging employees.
  • Display content relevant to the current user.
  • Disseminate important company information quickly and easily.
  • Jump-point for common resources and sub-portals.

Business Portals

  • Consolidate information for a specific topic, process, or community.
  • Engage and guide users.
  • Bring together information from a variety of sources.

Project Workspaces

  • A collaboration portal scoped to a particular problem or customer project.
  • Consistent provisioning each time a new project workspace is needed.
  • Track project deliverables, issues, documents, and status.
  • Can be removed or archived upon project completion.

Document Storage

  • Structured file storage for documents along with robust search capabilities.
  • Classify documents using metadata tags and descriptions.
  • Document repository linked across multiple business applications.
  • Combine with Enterprise Records Management, Workflow Automation, or Electronic Forms solutions.


  • Share documents and information with people outside the company.
  • Secure access to only authorized parties.
  • Collaborate with external team members.

Records Management

  • Establish records either manually, declaratively, or automatically.
  • Retain documents for a specified period of time.
  • Dispose of documents automatically or by approval.
  • Facilitate eDiscovery across documents and mail data.
  • Place items for litigation hold.
  • Rules-based records routing for secure containment.

Ticketing Systems

  • Application that is used to track issues, incidents, and other work items.
  • Assignment of items to individuals and teams through a work queue.
  • Users are engaged and updated throughout the ticket life cycle.
  • Metrics and reporting are used to identify trends and report personnel effectiveness.

System Integration

  • Link data across business systems.
  • Tie together common business records across customer, accounting, ERP, and other databases.
  • Display all related information about an item in a single place.
  • Search all of your connected company data from a single location.

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